Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's a life changer.

Things have been moving right along here, as they always do. The happenings of the past week include a few new design jobs, meeting with my business partner to re-design our website (we are getting super close, can't wait to share the new site soon!), the start of summer violin lessons, water aerobics at the gym (the water makes my lurching body seem almost...graceful), my 28 week appointment (all good and healthy here!) and subsequently the start of the 3rd trimester (WHAT).

I've also been spending quite a bit of time pondering the strange new shape and size my butt is taking on.

ANYWAY. I've been wanting to share with you pet lovers out there our newest pet investment, which we are in love with. I mentioned here that our two cats had been driving us bonkers with waking us up at horrible hours of the morning wanting to be fed. When I say horrible hours I mean that sometimes it was BEFORE 5am. (Shudders.) No matter what we did we could not get them to just. simmer. down.

So. After many months of talk and debate and morning grumbles, we finally decided to splurge and get an automatic cat feeder. And after having it for about a month, we are LOVING it.

HELLO precious hours of undisturbed sleep! Pleased to have you.

We got the "Petmate Portion Control Infinity Programmable Cat Feeder." What a mouthful. We love it. Lu hu hu hu huv it. We programmed it to disperse a pre-measured amount of food (that we decided on) at 5 am to satisfy their early rising bellies. Our cats are from the same litter and have always been good at sharing, so they have had no problem eating out of the same bowl. Otherwise we would have had to buy two. Which would have been an expensive bummer.

They were a little nervous of the noise it made at first, but manned up quickly once they realized that that noise meant food.

You can program it to dispense up to three times a day, and although it doesn't come with a power cord (so far we are using batteries) you can order one from the company. I think we will do that soon, so that we don't have to worry about the batteries dying.

Not that our feline friends wouldn't let us know if they didn't get fed. They have their ways. Their very loud ways.

And so. If you are suffering from lack of sleep because of your stubborn, hungry pets...this is has been our solution and as I have already mentioned we looooove it!

P.S. Don't think that I'm oblivious to the fact that I will soon be having a baby and will once again be losing precious hours of sleep. I'm just choosing not to acknowledge that right now. kthanksbye.

P.P.S. Petmate has no clue who I am and didn't give me any money to rave about their genius product.


  1. "I've also been spending quite a bit of time pondering the strange new shape and size my butt is taking on." - No joke, right? Things are WEIRD.

    And on the pet thing. Our cat was having some crazy through the window middle of the night crazy courting going on with an outdoor cat and it would wake us up nearly every night. Got so sick of those who would tell us that it was to prepare us for having a baby. Yeah, not so much! I know the baby will come with her own demands, but I'd like to enjoy my sleep while I can and when she does come it would be nice to not have her crying and a worked-up cat to manage at the same time. You know? All of that is to say, I feel ya!

    1. YES! Thank you. :) The last thing I need while trying to manage a newborn is our cats crying incessantly at 4:45am!

  2. I NEED one of these! Our cat is totally rotten and demands food starting at about 5am. Usually I just stumble out, feed her and return to bed, this would be way easier!

    1. That was usually our begrudging solution too! We so love this thing, it comes highly recommended. :)

  3. just found your blog, so i'm a later commenter on this one. this is a great idea! now if only it dispensed wet cat food, our cat is a brat and meows incessantly for her wet food in the morning, only to eat two bites and walk away!

    1. haha oh how they wrap us around their fingers!!