Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kitty Update

Do you remember our friend Daisy?

She moved to her brand new home last week (she was only living with us temporarily.) We miss her quirky noises and funny faces, but are happy she's back with her real mom (and new dad!).

Yes, we are those people who refer to ourselves as our pets' mom and dad. Don't hate.

I have to say that our cats are pretty pleased, since they never really got on board with Daisy taking residence in our house. For the first time in months we don't have nightly hissing and scratching matches during meal time. What a peaceful home!

Except at 5am in the morning when they decide that they need breakfast. The rascals. Seriously. So annoying. We are thinking of getting automatic cat feeders - they are spendy but we are soooo sick of their morning shenanigans. Does anyone have any experience with automatic cat or dog feeders and have advice for us??

1 comment:

  1. Of course you are their mom and dad! :) We are the same way over here. I have no experience with auto feeders, but I'd say it's worth a shot.