Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photo booth traditions.

Yesterday was the hubs' birthday! We had a great time last night hosting lots of friends at our place for the evening. There was food to be eaten, ultimate frisbee to be played, rock band to be rocked, conversation to be had, jokes to be laughed at, and bouldering caves to be bouldered.

Here's the hubs blowing out his ice cream cake! There's a lot of flaming candles on that thing. He's all wet because the weather had to be a big fat bummer and rain on his parade. And when I say his parade I mean his ultimate frisbee game.

That's the only picture I managed to snag of the evening because I'm just. that. good.

Today I made him breakfast which included Buttermilk Bacon Biscuits with Maple Glaze (recipe here). Yes they are just as good as they sound, especially served with a couple extra slices of bacon and an egg. Then we set out to complete our "Brian birthday" yearly tradition.

That tradition being photo booths.


We started going to photo booths for his birthday before we were even married. Or engaged! Actually. That's a lot of documentation of funny faces going on. Last year I finally started compiling them all into a Brian's Birthday Book.

I snapped a few photos of some of my favorite pages. Our first ones are from 2005, so this will be our eighth year of photo boothing together! We are getting pretty durn good at squeezing both our butts onto the same little stool and centering our heads in the screen (mine a little behind Brian's on account of me having a MAMMOTH sized noggin...let's hope the baby doesn't take after me there...Lord help me), and waiting for the countdown to each little flash. Silly faces at hand.

The book was simple and quick to make - I just bought a big orange (his fave color) three ring binder, some black paper and sleeves to put the paper in, and some scrapbooking scraps for labels and captions. Then I started gluing and labeling away, and painted the cover with Modge Podge. I don't do much scrapbooking myself, but this was fun and easy to put together.

I think 2009 has my favorite pictures so far. Brian's face in the picture in the right column, third down makes me laugh. So much.

There are lots of pages in the back for coming years! If photo booths ever cease to exist I don't know what will happen. There will certainly be no way to carry on.

So. Today we set off to the mall which holds the closest photo booth (that we know of anyway) to our house. wasn't working. Nurts. Not having time to find another one before the hubs had to run off to work, we sadly hung our heads and left without any 2012 photos in hand.

We're hoping the mall people have it fixed by next week.


Do you have any birthday traditions that can't be skipped?


  1. This is the best idea ever! We don't have any traditions but now I want one. I usually take the day off and hide from questions about my age. ;)

  2. I love this so much!!! I made a book for andy full of our gchat conversations .... hahaha - this is way better! :O)