Wednesday, May 9, 2012


In effort to continue with my "I am hereby taking more pictures" declaration, here's a bit of a photo round up from this past week.

The hubs' early birthday celebration with my fam - he got free ice cream if he rode the saddle while the servers sang to him. Clearly he was having the time of his life!! ///// Some of our small group getting together to send off one of our members, Luther, to 2 years in the Peace Corps - he'll be in Kyrgyzstan! His wise and thoughtful input in our discussions will be greatly missed.

Turquoise toes and shockingly white and pasty feet. (Confession: they are my shockingly white and pasty feet. Confession #2 - I'm a shockingly white and pasty person.) ///// Gepetto watching the birds.

The hubs and his good pal Jason getting all the sanding and mudding finished in our basement! Next steps - priming, painting, flooring and baseboard and...finished basement here we come! You can only see the laundry room here, but there is also an art studio being finished for me and a new storage area! Words cannot express my excitement. Great work boys. Now time to go dust yourselves off please.

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  1. Sounds like you have an interesting and awesome group of friends. You all want to move to St. Louis? ;) And hooray on the basement. I love seeing home projects being completed. It feels so nice to have a finished space and to know all the work is behind you. Plus, enjoying that new space is especially awesome. :)