Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shop and bump update.

I added a new 5 x 7 print to the shop today! This friendly horse has dramatic wind blown mane hair. Perfect for any dramatic wind blown member of your family. Who likes horses.

He's also available as a note card (single card or set.) Check out the options here!

In other news. I had a fun first Semi-Mother's Day, celebrating all the moms and grandmoms in our family with delicious food and fun games. I say "semi" for myself because obviously I am a mother as there is a big ol' behbeh growing inside of me, but don't yet have all of the motherly type responsibility as I have yet to PUSH girlfriend OUT.

Yes, that last part terrifies me. (cue heavy breathing, widening eyes and growing panic)

Oh well. I still have a few more months to harbor my fear!

This pic was taken at about 24 weeks. I told the hubs I wanted some "fun candid" shots taken...but as I had a horrible cold I wasn't feeling "fun" or "candid" at all. So this is what we got! Me working hard to get a semi-natural looking smile out while being eaten by the flower bush. We'll try again soon.

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