Sunday, October 23, 2011

Some little tidbits.

I just got back from a weekend retreat with the hubs, but I wanted to quick pop in and link up with Deanna at Delirious Rhapsody for her "Sunday Confessional" (inspired by Sara's "100 Truths"). Because I think it's super fun. 

So here we go.

1.) We have only one plant that lives inside our house. I only water it when it's drooping horribly and almost dead. But somehow I've managed to keep it alive for over a year now.

2.) When I was little I used to eat all the breading off of my chicken mcnuggets first, and then I would eat the naked chicken lump. I was gross. I did the same thing with Butterfingers. It was messy. 

3.) I frequently eat 18 pizza rolls in one sitting.

4.) Sometimes it randomly feels cold in the back of my throat. Like I've been sucking on a menthol cough drop...but I HAVEN'T.   *cue twilight zone music*

5.) I hate brushing my teeth. It's just so annoying. But since I do like having clean teeth and I dislike graveyard breath, I brush them frequently.

6.) Sometimes the hubs and I pass Gepetto (our cat) back and forth on her side across our kitchen tile. Like shuffleboard. We think she likes it.

7.) I sniff the milk in the milk carton every single time I use it. Even if it's a brand new carton. You just never know when you could get a mouth full of sour milk and then spew it all over your kitchen.

8.) I have a very large head. People try and tell me that I don't but THEY DON'T KNOW. Here's some proof for you:

Look at that forehead! You could build a city there!! This is why bangs are my friends.

Got some stuff weighing on your mind? Maybe you should link up too. Sometimes you just have to get these things out, you know?


  1. You are better with plants than me. I always have a bunch around, but I'm learning to lean toward succulents, cacti, and other low-maintenance plants. If it weren't for the fella out plants would never stand a chance.

    I'm so glad you're doing this too. :) It's fun to read everyone's tid bits.


  2. i'm exactly the same on points 5 (i'm proud to have good teeth and brush them for about 5 minutes, but hate the entire process) & 8 (when we went to batting cages once, my helmet was way bigger than wil's, and he finally realized i wasn't joking this whole time).

    if we had a cat, wil would sooooo do 6. all the time.