Friday, October 14, 2011

Boston and black boots that were comfy at first.

East Coast Recap - Day 1

I mentioned here that I had a little adventure to the East Coast last weekend with a couple of friends. We flew into Providence, Rhode Island late on Friday night and arrived back in Minneapolis late on Monday night. While the hubs stayed at home ever so wonderfully putting up drywall in our basement, I got to go traipsing around in New England. Here is a little recap of our day on Saturday, during which we explored Boston and Providence.

Our first stop was Harvard. I felt really intelligent for stepping foot in such a place, and tried to act like a nonchalant student. Except for the picture taking.

Which probably blew my cover.

I even took like ten pictures of these birds bathing in a fountain thing. (Which I think was my favorite part of Harvard, actually.)

(Or maybe my favorite part of Harvard was the book store. It could be that.)

After Harvard we found our way over to this place called The Garment District. It was a costume shop slash used clothing store. 

If you wanted to buy some used clothing all you had to do was walk through the piles, sit down somewhere and start digging. 

Since thrifting is really one of my passions in life I had a pretty nice time and found a couple sweaters - one from H&M and one from JCrew. And since it was pay by the pound I ended up forking over less than $2 total for both. Sa-weeeet.

After the clothing piles (and after kicking myself because I left my hand sanitizer in my OTHER purse) we headed over to the USS Constitution and looked at history stuff.

It was pretty cool, but at this point we were all lamenting our choice to wear cute boots instead of sensible walking shoes. Because we were walking A LOT. And I was wearing my turtle boots. Meaning that they are super cute but unfortunately they smell like a turtle tank. And apparently they only remain comfortable for a few hours of walking. If you plan on walking around ALL DAY then you should not wear turtle boots. Or this will happen.

Thats a giant blister on the BOTTOM of my heel. How does that even happen?? Only in turtle boots I guess. Yes they were painful but I kept on going. We were on vacation after all! In Boston! I couldn't just give up!

Here's me in my turtle boots in front of a cool bridge with my arms out like "hey, cool, look at me and my cute boots that are totally killing me right now."

Later that night after my first taste of sushi (well I think it might have been my second taste of sushi but I don't quite remember) we went to WaterFire in Providence, Rhode Island. It was very cool. It's basically these torches that are lit in the water once and month and there's music and food and glow in the dark necklaces and the whole city gathers together for some WaterFire fun.

I was so glad I got to participate, and I decided that I really like Providence. Perhaps even better than Boston. But shhh don't tell the Boston people.

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  1. I haven't been to Boston yet, but it is definitely on my list. judging by that blister it looks like you hit all the good spots and then some ; ) After reading your explanation, I had to study the photo of the thrift store little bit trying to figure out what on earth was happening. definitely would NOT be comfortable in that situation. Then again, why am I comfortable with my bedroom floor looking like that at times? xoxo