Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall thoughts.

Fall is here in Minnesota, and even though you can't tell by the Indian Summer we are having, you can tell by the beautiful changing leaves! I nanny a couple of days a week and took a few pictures of the neighborhood.

I feel like I'm having a bit of a writer's block right now. A brain fart, if you will. But I was talking to my very smart friend Drew the other night and we discussed something along the lines of...writer's block doesn't really exist. Just write. That's the point of a blog.

So. Here are my fall thoughts. With the new season here I am reminded of the many tasks around my home that need to be taken care of before winter comes. 

You know, things like planting the clearance plants we got from Menard's in our empty garden. Or replacing the screens on our windows so that we can open them without being eaten in our sleep by horrid box elder bugs. (Because they EAT you! IT'S TRUE.) Or spray painting these file cabinets that I wanted to spray paint. Or raking, because even though the trees in our yard consist of mostly half dead pine trees, the neighbors' lush and healthy trees shed all over our yard. I'm not complaining (it makes our yard look better by association), I'm just saying.

Or deep cleaning our bathtub.

Not that our bathtub HAS to be cleaned before winter comes but man, I have been meaning to do that for awhile now.

When I left my job about a month and a half ago, I had such great plans to not only work on my personal artwork, my graphic design work, teach violin lessons, and nanny two days a week, but also to deep clean a part of my house every day, cook delicious meals for my husband, practice my violin an hour a day, and be really good about making time for devos.

You know. Some type of domestic goddess.

Right now I'm at about the level of a domestic booger. And my excuse has been "I don't have time. I have a magazine to format. I'm making new pieces. I'm working on getting cards in my Etsy shop. And I need to work on letting people know that my shop exists in the large world of interwebs!!"

BUT. I was talking to my friend Mel the other night. She knows me well. We used to live together. And as we were talking I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. It's not that I don't HAVE time. It's that I don't MAKE time.

Oh garsh.

So. Here is my fall resolution - get better at making time for things. Leaving my work alone for a bit so I can take care of my house and my hubs. You know, time management, I guess it boils down to. 

Hmm. I do believe I have posted about my problems with time management before.

Well. I guess for having writer's block, I sure wrote a bunch of stuff. Happy fall everybody!

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  1. I have time management issues also. I will usually obsess about a couple projects and then look at Mike as if he has two heads when he says the word "cook". I'm off to google those bugs now because i'm freaked out. LOL

  2. was just thinking this morning that we hadn't heard from you in a while. i feel like i've run out of interesting things to say in my neck of the woods too, but i do like the reminder that a blog is essentially a journal, and sometimes just writing without an agenda is the best!

    ps. your bag is being sent today!

  3. Liz, it looks like you live on a lovely, tree-lined block of heaven. Your post is an interesting read, and definitely doesn't sound like writers block to me either. time-management is a problem for me, as well. on a regular basis I convince myself to give up blogging and not get sucked further into it. there are opportunities out there, though, and I certainly can't imagine going back to the jobs I have left as an alternative. I am wishing your plans/goals are realized and everything works out swimmingly for you, Liz!

  4. Earl-Leigh: Haha, I seriously laughed out loud at your comment! Man. it's so hard to find time to cook! I think I would do better if I actually enjoyed cooking, but I really don't, lol. AND I guess I was exaggerating a LITTLE bit about the box elder bugs - they don't actually eat you. I don't think. I just hate them haha.

    Kris: Can't wait to see that bag on my front step!!!

    Andrea: Thanks much! Yes, I'm excited about the direction my life is going after my previous job! And please, don't ever stop blogging! :D Glad to see I'm not alone in my time management issues. :)