Monday, October 17, 2011

Apple Orchard

I went to an apple orchard yesterday in Stillwater with a couple of my great gal pals, Sheena and Emily. The weather was absolutely perfect and we did all the classic fall orchard stuff.

We wandered between the rows of apple trees.

Saw some apples.

Sampled some wine.

Posed in front of a haystack.

Looked at a goat.

And listened to a yodeler, which I unfortunately did not get a picture of.

I didn't buy any apples. Which I guess is weird, to not buy apples from an apple orchard. But I'm just not much of an apple-eating person, I guess? Which is probably weird. They give me stomach aches, which is probably even more weird. You can just call me Weirdy McWeirderson.

Fresh apples, I mean. I think I should make that clear. I DO like apple desserts, which I'm assuming don't hurt my tummy because the apples are cooked. I also like apple cider donuts. Which I DID buy. And I do confess that they are already gone. Not because the hubs and I are any type of donut eating fiends, but because we really desperately need to go grocery shopping and there wasn't much else to eat BESIDES apple cider donuts. 

Today I did find a roll of Pillsbury grand biscuits to make for lunch though. You know, the kinds with the flaky layers and stuff.


  1. This looks like loads of fun. funny story *well that might be too much pressure . . . but anyway* my aunt has a cottage in Wisconsin just over the border of Illinois, and during this time of year they plan to do these 'autumn' things as well. With some vacationers in town with little children in tow, they decided to head to the apple orchard for a day of apple gathering excitement. Apparently she had never been and didn't really know that thousands of apples would be within arms reach. After ten minutes all of the baskets were already full of apples and what was supposed to be a day long event was over.
    regardless of that tidbit, this looks like a perfect day and your shopping skills sound about as advanced as mine ; ) Funny you didn't mention going shopping, but you 'found' some biscuits to make for lunch . . . lol. xo

  2. haha, bummer! hopefully they found something fun to fill the rest of the day. :) At the place we were at it was too late in the season to actually pick the apples, we could only buy them pre-picked.

    We finally went grocery shopping tonight!! I'm glad, because lately my diet has consisted of all carbs, haha. Biscuits. Goldfish crackers. Ramen. Donuts.