Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Black Bear Doodle

(Semi) Daily Animal Doodle

I drew this leeetle creature today.

When I say leeeetle I really mean big and black and fluffy and gruffy.

And I'm back from my leeeetle trip this weekend.

When I say leeetle I mean flying out to the leeeetle state of Rhode Island with a couple of girls from my small group to stay with her family and explore the wonders of not only the leeeetlest state of the country, but also make treks to Boston and to New York City.

All in one leeeetle weekend. And by that I mean three day weekend.

I'll be sharing pictures and posts about the trip in the next week or so here, but here are some leeeetle hints.

Metro stations.

My first taste of sushi.

Discovering that I don't like sushi.

The ocean.

Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Blue '71 Chevy Cadillac Convertible.

Crab cakes. I mean, clam cakes? I mean, crab cakes? Both? Neither? What?

Nickel size blisters on the bottoms of my feet.


Running into Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard. (Except the Mark Zuckerberg part isn't true but the Harvard part is true.)

Now I'm off to do a leeeetle bit of cleaning. Ok bye!

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  1. i reaaally like how you showed the outline of the bears head with negative space. very cool.

    got the print- LOVE IT! i'll work on finding a frame for it probably after we move. and your bag got another delay with the 'holiday'...but it's officially on it's way.

  2. You seriously crack me up!

    I LOVE your bear, too, btw.