Monday, July 30, 2012


I woke up with this song by the White Stripes in my head this morning.

I hoped that it would result in a day full of power and energy.

When in reality I was napping within two hours.

I had a fun weekend. Did you? Friday night we were at a wedding of two great friends and I so totally got my dance on. Granted it was huge pregnant lady dance (resulting in a very embarrassing picture which will...not be shown here.) but it was still dance! And it felt awesome to do something that felt so normal.

The only problem was that even though I had such an fantastic time I completely wrecked my back, which resulted in me waking up that night to go pee and not being able to walk. Wonderful! I thought. Brilliant work, Elizabeth! I said to myself. I slowly lurched my way to the bathroom and back mourning the fact that I had now probably condemned myself to my bed for the rest of my pregnancy.

But in the morning it was much much better. So I was able to breathe a huge, thankful sigh of relief.

And declare my dancing days over until after girlfriend is long out.

Other weekend happenings which did not include dancing but were just as fun:

Birthday parties.

Baby showers, and getting to do a bump to bump photo. I've always wanted one of those. These are our friends Molly and Tim and they are great. Please disregard my disheveled hair and grimacing weird smile. Thanks, you're a pal.

Watching movies with the hubs.

Getting to hang out with the hubs' parents.

Scoring a $10 changing table from Craigslist that matches the rest of our nursery furniture. I'm all about matching over here. Seriously, it's a problem.

Getting special treats from McDonald's. Here's the hubs trying to eat his dipped cone while driving.

Here's the scenario. The hubs tries to eat his cone and drips everywhere. I kind of try to help but I'm also distracted by the three pack of chocolate chip cookies that I'm eating. Like, it's hard to stop eating them for even a second. (The day that McDonald's started selling chocolate chip cookies was the best and also worst day of my life.) Finally I find him some napkins in the glove department and he manages to get the cone down to a manageable and non-drippable size. While driving. Then. As soon as he says, "Well that was quite the adventure," he accidentally somehow flings the cone out of his hand, fumbles with it in the air and then catches it ice cream down in his palm. While driving. Cue very loud laughter and tears streaming down my face.  It was totally a Chandler Bing moment, and pretty much made my day.

The funny thing is that the hubs is so not a dropper like Chandler is. He has the reflexes of a cat, or lynx, or some other such quick witted creature. I think that it being so out of his character is why it brought out the big belly laughs.

And when you are almost 36 weeks pregnant the big belly laughs are very big indeed.

2 videos in one post! This is a first.


  1. Wow, 36 weeks?! Can't believe it! So glad to hear you are having so much fun and keeping busy, but too bad your dance moves left you aching. At least you had a good time! :)

  2. You and your friend are so cute! I'm glad your nursery is coming together, i can't wait to start on ours! :)

  3. Oh you look beautiful ♥ My sister just had a baby last Wednesday (I posted a pic on my blog): I bet you can't wait to meet your little one.