Friday, August 10, 2012


My blog posts these days just seem to be random updates here and there, but I'm a-ok with that for now. Time to just go with the flow!! And eat some cookies.

My 27th birthday was last week and it was certainly a good time. Some of the festivities included a fancy dinner with the hubs, seeing the new Batman movie, homemade dinner with a couple of friends, shuffleboard with the extended fam (though I did not participate but instead sat and watched in a pregnant haze), eating (engulfing?) made-from-scratch chocolate eclairs from my mom (she makes them for me every year - it's my happy place), and dinner at Chino Latino's with my bro, sis, mom and hubs.

Not all of these things happened in one day. That would have been busy. Too busy for an apparently almost 30 year old.

Here's the hubs and I at my birthday dinner at Muffuletta. Delish? Yes. One of our last date nights without having to hire a babysitter? Perhaps. My oh my how life is about to change.

Other things I've been up to are as follows:

Finishing up the baby's room (I'll be sharing pics soon!)

Thinking about all of my old clothes and how soon I might be able to fit into them once my bowling ball stomach is gone.

Trying to run errands and do useful things but often failing because of general fatigue and killer back pain. I complained to the hubs the other day, "It's hard to do things." "What?" he said. "It's just hard to do things," I repeated.

"....." was his response.

Finally making it to the beach with my sister. We've been trying to make it there for awhile but because of a series of unfortunate (although usually comical) events it took us a long time to finally make it happen.

Here's us.

Here's Hannah posing with Lake Calhoun. She approves.

Hope all is well in all of your worlds! Not sure how often I'll be around here for a bit, as I am at 37 weeks and little girlfriend could pretty much make her appearance at any time! Now that's crazy talk.

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  1. Sometimes it IS hard to do things. Just anything. I'm excited to see pictures of baby's room. Can't believe how quickly the time is flying and that she'll be here soon! :)