Monday, August 20, 2012

The Staring People

She's ridin' low low low. The doctor told me that most women deliver in their 39th week. So, perhaps this week it will be! Maybe even tomorrow! Or today! Or Wednesday! The possibilities are endless.

I must look like I am about shoot a baby out immediately because I keep getting comments these days from well meaning strangers in the grocery store or Target saying things like "Just hang in there sweetie!," and "You just look like you're about to pop!"

Throughout my 3rd trimester, I've noticed a funny (and sometimes disturbing) phenomenon: You get a lot of attention when you are pregnant.

From strangers.

There's of course the sweet little comments like "Ooohhhh so cute! When are you due???" which always lead to the inevitable, "Do you know what you're having?" and, "Do you have a name picked out?" Which is all fine, I don't mind chatting and answering them, "August 28th, " "Yes, a girl," and "Yes we're naming her Luigi Mario Kart Points."

Then there's the people who simply gaze at you with a smile on their face, perhaps remembering their pregnancy or simply admiring my excellent and extremely attractive preggo waddle. They give off mostly happy vibes.

But then there's the ones who just stare.

Sometimes it's with a look of utter astonishment.

Sometimes it's a look of "WHAT THE" as they do a double take.

Sometimes it's seems that they are just unable to drag their eyes and lifted brow away from the beach ball that appears to have sprouted arms, legs, and a head and is currently making it's way toward them down the sidewalk.

Now. This leads me to question to myself, "SURELY I cannot be the first pregnant lady they have ever seen?"

And then I ask myself, "Do I ALSO stare at pregnant people like this? Because if so I should stop. It's weird."

Some people have tried to tell me that it's all in my head. But as I was talking to my bump buddy Molly recently, who is due just a day or so after me, she suddenly asked me out of the blue, "Do people just...stare at you?"

Yes. Yes they do. And it's weird.


  1. LOOK HOW CUTE YOU ARE!! Can't wait to meet girlfriend. Hope you're enjoying this ridiculously beautiful weather.

    ps her room is adorable. I'm bad at commenting, but I've been stalking your blog religiously.

  2. Oh the comments, its gets better once you head out with your new little one lots of strangers drooling over the new baby, esp old people which is kinda sweet, and the same questions over and over, I got a lot of weird stares too, once in a home depot a boy who seemed in his own imaginary world bumped into me and just stared at my belly for like a min, with his mouth wide open... it was really awkward Jared later commented that the boy was most likely imagining that I was carrying an alien and it would pop out of me at any moment! but the truth is now that my Ellie is four months old I totally catch myself staring at pregnant ladies and newborns, I am that lady! I cherish that time - as uncomfortable as it was - and its so funny how so many babies are born and yet pregnant woman are treated with such awe and fascination. Your daughter is beautiful I hope you and your family are doing well!