Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday stuff.

Paisley and Pinkerton watching as Daddy leaves for work.


She's just like me because she savors her food, making her desserts last as long as humanly possible. She wants eating her favorite things to be AN EXPERIENCE. I so get it. I remember one back seat car ride home from my grandma's house many years ago with the goal of making my single Andes' mint last for the entire two hour car ride. And I was successful. The other day at the grocery store when Paisley got her free cookie, she held on to her very last bite for a good fifteen minutes, giving it a little lick every so often.

She's just like the hubs because she has a certain spot for everything and says "uh-oh!" if one book is out of place. There is a very particular system for how she picks up her toys, organizes her little people, and arranges all her shoes in a perfect half moon around her. The hubs has special categories and orders for all his books and DVD's and whatever random things that may need to be organized. Ironically, he can barely stand to look at Paisley's bookcase because it's not organized to HIS particular preference.


Her eyes are just like mine - the same squinty-ness when she smiles and when she's just woken up.

Her eyes are just like the hubs' - the same blue with the same special tiny brown spot just under the left pupil.


It's so weird. That we made this little person, who is both of us, and yet very much herself.

Hashtag deepthoughtsonawednesday.

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