Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Home Sweet Cloquet

I'm back with a few photos of some our favorite spaces in our new house! I'll post more some later, these were all the rooms that I had the energy to clean today. You know how it is! Don't even say that you don't.

And yes I did run outside across the street in my bare feet dodging the bees living in our front steps to take some of these. YOLO, bees!

Featured in these pics are the dining room, the living room, the sun room, and the pool across the street. Ya pool!!! We love the pool. We also love built-ins, which this house has a lot of. Ya built-ins!!!!!
You remember that this is an old house. Over a hundred years old. That's a century!! Right? I enjoy pondering how many generations of families have lived here and done work to make it their own. There were a lot of updates done in the 60's (can you say WOOD PANELING! in our loft and basement) and quite a few updates done in the last decade or so. And now we get to do some of our own! Of course, despite the updates, this old home didn't come without it's issues. We've got some water problems in our basement to figure out, first off. More items on the list include replacing the outer siding (and however many windows we can afford to at this point), taking down the blue wallpaper in the sunroom/Paisley's play zone (paint? or a different fun wallpaper?), and re-doing the bathroom. 

Oh, and getting rid of those bees. 
But, we're project people. You know? At least I think we are. And we're excited that there's opportunities to make this place our own.

Plus, we love the neighborhood. It reminds me of that old movie, Now and Then. Remember that one? Mostly just because there's a graveyard down the street. Dear Johnny! 

Man I love that movie. 
And I love our new home, I do, despite the stinky basement and that one weird cupboard in our kitchen that for some reason smells like sour milk.

What do I do about that, by the way? Bleach it? A cupboard bleach bath?

Anyway. I hate sour milk. So let me know if you have smelly cupboard advice.

See you next time!

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