Saturday, January 30, 2016

1/52 - take two

In hopes of getting back on the blogging train, I'm starting a new 52 weeks project. When Paisley was a baby I blogged one photo of her per week for an entire year. Now I have two little girls to document!

Neva is growing by the day, quickly gaining pudgy rolls up and down her arms and legs. She delights all of us with her sweet smiles and coos, and even Paisley can't seem to resist stopping mid-shenanigan to kiss her head before speeding on by.

Paisley is my spirited, very spirited child. This girl doesn't walk anywhere. In fact, I'm not entirely sure she knows what walking is. She knows all about running, jumping, leaping, hopping, galloping, dancing, make-believe ice skating, but there is no evidence that shows she knows anything about...walking.

Which brings me to bedtime. By the time bedtime rolls around I'm quite exhausted by the constant, bouncy, and quick non-walking movements of my three year old. I haven't entirely nailed down bedtime routines now that we have two, and the hubs is often working in the evening so I'm left to put the kiddos to bed myself. One night this week I was trying to convince Paisley that she should put on her pajamas instead of jump in and out (and in and out and in and out) of her bed. My temper was running short, Daddy wasn't home, and Neva was fussing in the next room. Paisley pulled her pink panda bear pj shirt half way over her head and started stomping around like an ape, waving her arms around saying "booka baka booka baka."

I was about thiiiiiiiiiis close to losing it and declaring "OK TIME OUT NO BOOKS BEFORE BED LIGHTS OUT GOOD NIGHT."

Untiiiiil I realized how hilarious she was actually being. Like, she was being super funny. Sometimes this girl's comedic timing is spot on. And this was one of those moments.

So then I started laughing. And the night got better. And we were friends again. And it still took forever to get the pjs the rest of the way on and the teeth brushed and the books read but we laughed for some of it and so...perspective right?

Here's week one of my 52 weeks project from 2013!

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  1. What a pretty little girl in a pretty dress! ♥