Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Alright. I hereby declare my return to blogging. And I'm excited about it!

But you know the thing where you don't say anything for a really really long time...and then you decide you want to start saying things again....but you're not quite sure what to start saying?

That's happening to me right now.

So since I'm sure that I want to start blogging again but unsure of what exactly I want to say, this post might be a bit of a rambler.

First off, thank you friends and readers for your wonderful comments in my last post! The one where I announced that I have a baby bump starting to grow. I was so glad to hear from you, and was reassured that taking a blogging break when you have the growing a baby grumpies was perfectly ok. So thank you again.

Second off, well I'm not sure. This is where I start randomly typing my thoughts. I'm super pumped to get back to work on my animal doodle note cards, improving my etsy shop, and having sketchbook days again! But as I did basically nothing these past few months (and when I say basically nothing I'm in no way exaggerating) I have quite a few items to catch up on before I can get to those things. At the top of the to-do list has been cleaning my much much neglected house, sorting through frighteningly high piles of accumulated papers and mail, doing our taxes which is one of my VERY favorite things (and by favorite I mean I want to kick taxes in the face), working on projects for clients, and reminiscing about how the hubs finally threw away our only plant because I allowed it to slowly die. Because apparently I was so lethargic that instead of getting up to water it once in awhile, I just watched it's slow death from the couch I sat on for four months.

1st trimester pregnancy looked good on me.

But now I feel like a new person! Or perhaps more like the old me. And if I could get that plant back to apologize to it right now I would, and I would lovingly nurse it back to life. And there wouldn't be that bare space on top of our tv stand anymore.

More good news is this: spring is here in Minnesota! And it's only March! When most years we'd still be having snowfall and slick ice, this year we are having 70 and 80 degree weather. And yesterday we had a thunderstorm! A (very) early spring is perhaps one of my biggest dreams come true and I refuse to even entertain the thought that winter could maybe still bring it's ugly head back into our lives this early in the year.

Here's a few shots of the hubs and me enjoying some park time in the glorious weather.

Me getting ready to slide down a twisty slide.

Ouch, guess I'm old and have big hips and twisty slides hurt me.

The hubs is an outstanding climber. Here's him on a super hard route. Yes he wears Hannah Montana sunglasses. I think it's sexay.

Us being happy at the park.

Well I think I'll wrap this up. Talk soon!


  1. welcome back! fun pics! we've been having great weather here too, so I'm also worried we're going to get more cold weather. =[

  2. Oh man, you two are the cutest. I'm glad you are feeling a bit more energetic now. I am slowly but surely getting there myself and boy what a change.

    So super happy for you and I'm glad to have you back in blogland. :)

  3. Y'all are adorable! Those are some rockin' sunnies your hubby has on. Welcome back. =)