Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A list of nice things.

Happy things from this past week or so:

- Renting the first season of Modern Family from the library. I didn't start watching the show until the second season so I was excited to finally catch up. Luke is of course my favorite character.

- Thrifting with my sis. And another time with the hubs. And another time by myself. Thrifting is a great past time. 

- Good work outs and good chats with my bestie.

- The hubs bringing me home cinnamon rolls (on account of my spending an obscene amount of time on the Cinnabon website reading their product descriptions) and the new Muppet Movie one night. 

- The hubs bringing me home cream cheese wontons another night. I guess that when I became pregnant my new love language 

- Having enough energy and drive to do some gardening on Saturday. I may have mentioned sometime before how much I (don't) love gardening, so it felt like a pretty big victory to me.

- Delicious Sunday lunch with a couple of friends in uptown.

- Chugging huge glasses of orange juice filled with ice. I decided a long time ago that orange juice is much better if it has ice in it.

- Making a successful loaf of banana chocolate chip (and also pear) bread. It was only around for a few days.

- Blizzards with the hubs after a busy day. I got french silk pie. Mmmm so good.

Maybe I should have just titled this post good things that I ate this week?

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