Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas and also Sledding

I wanted to share some pictures from our Thanksgiving/early Christmas celebration with the hubs' family. Because two weeks later is better than nothing! Is what I always say. And when I say always I mean not usually.

There was of course lots of driving. My favorite parts of the the driving were Brian reading Hop on Pop in Arnold Schwartzenneger's voice and also when we had been singing Old MacDonald for so long (Paisley cried every time we tried to stop) that we ran out of normal animals and started including electric eels, Minnesotan tourists, and Octopi. Making electric eel noises with your husband - it doesn't get more romantic than that.

My least favorite parts of all the driving were the icy roads and the part where the toddler puked. Gross.

And there was of course lots of delicious food! And there were games to be played and kitties to be snuggled and presents to be opened and snow pants to be laboriously pulled on. Paisley discovered that she really really really loves sledding. And swinging. But she already knew the part about the swinging. The only thing that could end her heartbreak after being lifted off of the orange car swing that Grandpa put up for her was to be sent down the driveway in the sled.

I took lots of sledding pictures. I also took at least fifty pictures of chickadees but I decided to only post one so that you will still be my friend.

Turkey turkey gobble gobble! 

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