Monday, December 30, 2013

Obligatory Christmas Recap

The day after Thanksgiving I sink into a deep obsession with very specific Christmas music - about 5% A Very She and Him Christmas, about 5% old Happy Christmas albums, and about 90% Transiberian Orchestra. I wrote about this problem last year.

The poor hubs doesn't complain too much since he knows it's completely temporary (I stop cold turkey the day after Christmas) but I also know he's relieved that it's over now.

So anyway, here's my Christmas recap! It was simply a grand ol' time, I'll let the pictures from various jolly celebrations speak for themselves. Enjoy! It may be the last pleasant thing you experience before we are thrown head first into the very worst part of the year - the bitter cold desolation of never ending misery, also known as the months of January and February. Was that too dramatic? I'm just saying my feelings, as the weather is forecast to be less than 0 degrees this week.

You should probably send help.

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