Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Trains Planes and Toddlers

Trains have become a large part of our life lately.

There's one that runs through our town that we can hear from our house, there's an old one set up in the park in our neighborhood that you can climb and clamor around on, and there's several toy trains available to chug around in our playroom.

Paisley seems to be having a bit of a love-hate relationship with trains. She loves talking about them and seeing and listening to them and climbing on them during the day, but sometimes feels scared when reflecting upon their loud noises and hoots and mysterious comings and goings when bedtime rolls around.

I totally get it - sometimes I look up scary movies on Wikipedia to read the plot lines during the day (I'm far too wimpy to ever actually watch them) and then regret it later that night while laying awake in the dark.

So then of course I put all the pressure on dear Brian to stay up and keep me company (he of course LOVES it), which is exactly what Paisley does to me when she is worried about trains at night.

For hours!!

Also airplanes. She's also worried about airplanes at night.

You could say that my sleep has been suffering lately. And you could say that Paisley's has been suffering as well, and on that note,  have you ever met a sleep deprived toddler?

They are a loud people.

So we're working on making our peace with trains and planes and their loud noises over here! It's a strange road, this parenthood.


  1. Such a strange road indeed. Kids are always so surprising with what sticks out to them or impacts them most. Hope you all find some peace (and sleep!) with the trains and airplanes soon!

  2. You are so funny Liz! Sorry to hear about your sleep. I hope the planes & trains become less scary to Paisley and that you both get some sleep soon!

  3. Well this is adorable. Haha. Get some sleep and keep up with the cute pics of Paisley.

    The Life of Little Me