Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thanksgiving with the Pointses

In my true, regular, Liz Points fashion I am just now posting our Thanksgiving pictures. Since Christmas is a week away. Being timely is my extremely large talent! It was a very special Thanksgiving this year, as Brian's brother and his wife and family were on leave from Japan. We hadn't seen them in two years!!! And Paisley got to meet her one year old cousin, Cally, which was amazing and adorable. She calls her CAH-EEE, and still asks about her every day.

We of course had to get some snow pictures, since those are the best types. The brothers took turns tossing their children in the air, and Grandpa made multiple trips up and down the driveway with the sled.

If you are getting a little bit of a deja vu feeling, it's because there were Thanksgiving with the Pointses snow pictures last year too! Which I also posted several weeks after the fact in true, regular, Liz Points fashion.

And here's all of us! It's a framer.

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