Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Motherhood brain dump

I am giving myself full permission to ramble in this post. Mostly about weird, new mom stuff. There! You have been warned.

Those of you still with me, meet you at the end!

Now that I have a child. I clean our house much, much less than before.

This is new for me. I used to be OBSESSED with having our house spotless for guests. Which proved to be an impossible task with two cats, wooden floors, and lots of natural sunlight to shine on any dusty imperfection and cat hair. We have people over fairly often as we love hosting and have always prayed that our home would be a safe and open place where people can feel free to stop by at any time and be welcome. BUT when we WOULD have frequent and sometimes unexpected visitors I would flip the flippity flip out with embarrassment at the "mess" our house was in and very often was in a state of stress about our visitors noticing the dust on our coffee table.

For realz.

Motherhood seems to have relaxed that part of my brain. Now I try and keep up with the mess as much as I can and when the unexpected youth group student or friend shows up at our door, I am able to welcome them with a (usually) calm demeanor without feeling that I have to apologize for our imperfect home.

Most days.

It's been quite the humbling experience.


I pluck my eyebrows way less now. I just forget to do it, which can cause quite the shock when I happen to look closely at my face while brushing my teeth. BUT it seems to be working for the best as I was inspired by my sister to grow out my eyebrows as she recently grew out HER eyebrows to try and go for a more natural and full shape. Which means way less plucking and upkeep - hooray! BUT the process of growing out one's eyebrows can be horrifying in and of itself as the hairs start to grow straight out of your face instead of the same direction as the rest of the hairs that are already there, plus it all comes in in patches. Obviously it's upsetting. (Although when mentioning all this to the hubs he remarked that he hadn't even noticed anything different. I decided to be pleased by this lack of observation rather than be offended.) But after being strong and waiting it out for awhile my eyebrows are finally starting to take on a more natural shape and have I been talking about eyebrows for too long now?

Plus there's my hair. Maybe you didn't know this. Maybe you did. But preggo ladies have super nice, full hair that never falls out. Because, I don't remember why. Then after they have their baby their hair falls out in multitudes for months which causes showering to be a generally disgusting experience.

And then, all together, the lost hairs start growing back.

Hence, small tufts of inch long hairs surrounding my face.

I was going to show a picture of the tufts but then I decided instead that I absolutely would not show a picture of the tufts.

Maybe what all of this is boiling down to is the fact that real life is not perfect. But real is better than perfect, in my opinion.

Thanks for the permission to ramble, self. And thanks for hanging in there until the end, reader! Let's do this again.


  1. I think being a mom forces you to let go more often than not. Babies have such a unique set of schedules and needs and trying to be "perfect" while still meeting their needs would be impossible. Real is definitely better, always.

  2. YES! I found myself apologizing to my hubby almost daily because of the household chores. One day he just goes, "you know you just had a baby right? take care of her and yourself and the rest will come later." I think we just get so used to the way things are "supposed" to be until things start getting real. Love, love, love this post!!!

  3. Oh the tuffs!!!! Oh the terrible hair loss!!! it isn't bad enough that you feel like a sleepless zombie deflated balloon - you are now losing your hair in clumps with bald spots and your finding it everywhere, balled up in the carpet, clumped in the drain, cooked in your food!!!!! EWWWWW that was my least favorite part for sure. ahh yes but it does stop falling and starts growing back thank the lord! my tuffs are just long enough now that if I make sure they dry laying down they stay down, which is a big improvement from before.

    things I have forget to do as a mother
    that poopy diaper that my daughter later found and dissected.
    that cup of old coffee in the microwave because I felt I could not get through the rest of the day without it - I guess it was possible b/c it is still sitting in the microwave.
    shaving my legs, armpits, and defiantly eyebrow plucking.
    respond to FB message and emails, I read them start to respond - get distracted then later I am just sure I sent it only to find our it got lost in message land and the person has not heard back from me for a month!
    the list could go on and on.

    my mommy friends always remind what's most important by saying "is she happy and healthy?" why yes, she is and most often she is also clean and fed too! "well that is all that truly matters in the end"