Monday, March 25, 2013

These are not the droids you're looking for.

The hubs and I had an unexpected day at home together without the babe last week. Paisley was at a friend's house (my bff and I take each other's kid once a week - it's great, and free!) and Brian got the day off...we could hardly believe our good fortune!

What possibilities! We thought. What elaborate plans we can make! Should we see a movie? Go climbing? Go skiing, even?? Go shopping? Go out for lunch?

We decided to stay home.

All day.

It was a good decision.

We played Rock Band. Everything from The Cranberries to Bon Jovi to Queens of the Stone Age. And I could still play (almost) everything on expert! It's true, we used to play a lot of Rock Band during our pre-parenthood dayz.

We made delicious, gooey brownies and ate them with espresso ice cream.

We watched Star Wars (the old, awesome ones) on VHS tapes that we bought at The Good Will the day before. I tried my very hardest not to say all the quotes along with the movie as it went. But sometimes they all just came out. Have I ever mentioned my love for Star Wars? The old, awesome ones?

"I feel so close to you right now," I told the hubs.

"Oh ya? Why?" He asked.

"Because we're watching Star Wars together!" I answered.

I believe he very sweetly answered with, "....wait, what?"

It was super fun to take off our parent hats for a day and just be goofy "us" at home. And at five o' clock we were refreshed and ready to go pick up our favorite little girl in time for supper!

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