Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthday Extravaganza

Paisley's birthday party was almost two weeks ago already! August did that thing that it always does where it becomes so busy that you abandon any type of routine or discipline in your life and just wing it for three weeks straight, hoping you'll make it out on the other side with everyone still alive and eating frozen pizza no more frequently than once a day.

Veggies are always the first to go in these types of situations. At least in our house. Who has time for veggies when your to do list is miles long but all you can focus on is getting the lake smell out of your swim suit?

Must...get...lake help me God.

But fear not, the veggies are back! I bought veggies from the store this week like you wouldn't believe.

September is start over month.

But I digress.

Paisley's birthday party was a smashing success! The heat index got incredibly high and the wind got blow your skirt up silly, which caused us to reconsider eating outside in our yard as per our plan. A plan, we had a plan! My type-A-list-making-planner personality got admittedly flustered for a good ten minutes or so, but once we made the decision to yes! Let's move everything in! And use the piano bench for extra seating! it all went swimmingly.

Baby girl received lots of wonderful gifts and ate lots of delicious food but most importantly, had lots of people around her who love her a whole lot.

Seriously, they all really love this girl.

And I can totally see why.

So without further ado, here are the pics! I'll give you a hint, the one of her face while she very seriously awaits her birthday cake is the best one.

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