Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Labor Day Vacay

Here's a few photos from our little family vacation over Labor Day weekend! We go up to a resort with the extended family on my mom's side every year and all stay in a big cabin and play games and eat great food and walk to the beach and eat ice cream and overall have a most excellent time. The weather over Labor Day always seems to be a hit or miss (and often it's a miss) but this time it was warm and sunny and beautiful. Paisley got plenty of attention and also got plenty messy at the beach and at the playground. (Which was like a dustbowl? Of playground equipment and tonka trucks and very, very dusty children, Paisley being amongst the dustiest of them all!)Also, look! A little week old Paisley with her brand new parents who are slightly terrified and incredibly sleep deprived from 2012, and a big one year + one week old Paisley and her slightly seasoned parents who are still somewhat sleep deprived (but only because they stay up late watching Inception instead of going to bed) from 2013. How fun. Plus Brian's wearing the same pair of shorts in both these photos, which is important to note.If you thought this post was a thrilling ride, then feel free to check out my Labor Day weekend post from 2011. Pre-baby, and pre-tan shorts! YOLO!

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  1. Oh man, that looks like so much fun. I love those comparison photos! :)