Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lot's of people smiling for this one.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures from our little family vacay over Labor Day weekend.

This is me with the hubs, my siblings, and my cousins.

Isn't it the most fabulous picture of EVER? Especially my sister. She's the one making the scared animal face in the lower left hand corner.

Ya she makes me laugh. Frequently.

Here's a nice smiling one.

And here's all of us.

top: uncle, aunt, brother, sister, mom
bottom: cousins, grandparents, me and the hubbsies
I pretty much really love my fam.

Here's a tubing pic of me and my cousin. You can't really see our faces, but I'm pretty sure they are contorted because of our arms being yanked our of their sockets.

Have I mentioned that I think I'm getting too old for tubing?

Also. Did you notice the hubs' new hairdo? Here's a before and after.

My own handiwork. When his hair is long I always want it short but then when we finally get around to cutting it I miss his long locks.

Oh fickle wife that I am.


  1. i love all of these pictures. and thank you :] you make me laugh frequently as well!

  2. Oh! where did you go to vacations? I see nature and woodlands, will be a wonderful site!! :)

  3. We traveled to a resort in northern Minnesota! We go there every year - one of my favorite places! :)