Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Manatee Doodle

(Semi) Daily Animal Doodle

This guy looks like he's having a rough day.

Probably because his back is hurting. Mine is too.

I got back yesterday from an awesome little family trip over Labor Day weekend. Me and the hubs along with cousins, my aunt and uncle, my grandparents, and my mom, brother and sister all went to a little resort that we frequent every year. And it was wonderful, as always.

We relaxed, ate lots of delicious food, kayaked, talked, had a candle lighting service, played games like Quelf which required occasionally putting your pants on inside out and your brother running around waving his arms and shouting, "the poop storm!!! we gotta get outta here!!!" 

(If you have never played Quelf you really should.)

And we also rented a speed boat and got out on the lake, which is one of my favorite things ever. Like I was hoping here, we got to do some water skiing and tubing (which included wiping out on a sharp turn and flipping across the water a few times before face planting in it). And it was so much fun. Let me tell you. Even though autumn seems to be officially here and we were out skiing in lower 60 degree weather. Ya, we are true Minnesooootans.

But since I had done no skiing or tubing in like three years, I have pretty much been rendered useless these last couple of days. My every muscle aches. I can barely move.

Sad, poor little me.

Don't feel bad for me though because I really did have a great weekend. Our camera ran out of batteries after just one picture but once I get my hands on me mother's camera I will post some funny-tubing-face pics. 

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  1. manatees are one of my favorite animals, who knows why. but what a fun weekend! i haven't done anything behind a boat for like 8 years and we've got a trip planned for next summer. i better start working on that.

  2. i never told you this but i utterly love this one. it makes me think of veggie tales :]