Friday, September 30, 2011

Making Stuff.

For a long time I have been wanting to add stationery to my shop. Slash notecards. 

(What's the difference? Are they the same thing?)

It's been a long process. At first I was definitely going to have them in the shop by the end of June. Then I was going to get them done in July, but I had a paper problem. Then perhaps I would get them done in August but probably not. 

Now that it is very nearly October, I am getting close. I was productive today.

This is my work station. (Which I have to tear down and set up every time I use it because it's actually my kitchen table.)

You will see to the top left of the above photo one of my most prized possessions - my lovely Epson Stylus. It's big. It's black. It's smooth. And it makes lovely, wonderful archival prints.

I really love my printer. It's probably a weird thing but I'm just going to keep saying it. I really love my printer.

You can't tell from the picture below, but these are all printed on different papers. Which is probably a bad idea since I'm one of the most indecisive people on the face of the planet. Remember when I took an obscene amount of time to decide what color loofa to buy? Ya. I know. It's a problem.

BUT. I think I may be close to a decision on this one. I surprised myself by preferring some linen and canvas samples over a simple premium matte. But I'm bringing them all along to dinner with my fam tonight to ask their opinions.

I'm really excited to start getting some of these in the shop. 

And to get better at taking product photos. 


Can I ask you a few questions?

If you were to order stationery. Or notecards. Or something. You know. How would you prefer to do it? 

Would you like to buy one at a time? Or would you prefer a pack? 4 in a pack? 12? 

And what size do you prefer your stationery / notecards? 5 x 7 folded? 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 folded?

Or do you like a little of everything?

Your thoughts help me. :)

I'm linking up with Gussy again (a day late again). The prompt for this week was DIY!

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  1. SUPER fun! When I buy cards, it depends on the occasion. For example: if I'm buying a Valentine's Day card for my hubby, I only need one. So I wouldn't buy a pack of cards. If I wanted something a little more general, like thank-you cards, I'd prefer a pack. Probably 8-10 in a pack. And I'm a big fan of size A2 - on the smallish side.

    So for your cards, since I think they're blank, I would do a variety pack. But that's just my opinion.

    Good luck with the sales!

  2. I haven't checked these out in your shop yet to see what you decided, but just thought I'd add my perspective, which is that it would be great to have a choice, so you could buy a pack OR just one depending on the occasion!

    And now to visit your shop...!

  3. Emily - Thanks for the input! I think I will be listing both single cards and packs. And it seems like most people like the smaller ones better (myself included!)

    Suki - Thanks for stopping in! I haven't listed the cards in the shop yet - but I'm hoping they will be very soon! :D