Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ren Fest

This past weekend I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival (caution: if you click on that link it makes arrow shooty noises). I try and make it every year with my fam and some friends. There were lots of funny shows, people in costume, many leeeetle shops, people shouting, amazing artists, and giant pickles on sticks. 

And lots and lots of dust and dirt. By the end of the day we were blowing mud out of our nose. Everyone thought it was gross but I thought it was awesome.

We also had delicious food including raspberry mead, fresh battered beans, falafel sandwiches, sangria, and warm cookies so soft and gooey that you had to eat them with a fork.

All authentic foods from the renaissance period. Obviously.

We had a fun filled time filled with silliness, laughing, and lots and lots of walking. Our last activity of the day was to sit down on a bench in silence and stare at each other. Wanting to leave, but too tired to actually stand up and walk out.

Here are some pics from the day:

Ancient villages.

Leeeetle pirate woman running across the sibling pic.

Cute gypsies.

If you have an owl purse it is a requirement that you bring it to the ren fest.

A mother and her daughters.

Oh and my brother bought a gargoyle.

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