Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vintage Stuff

I was having trouble deciding what to post about for Gussy's inspiration link up today, with the prompt being Vintage.

I mean I like vintage as much as the next person but I'm no vintage guru. If that's even a thing. But after digging through some pics on my computer I remembered that I have some awesome vintage photos of my dad as a kid scanned into a folder.


I mean. Vintage.

So I chose a couple favorites of the ol' Pap.

This one obviously because can you GET any more cute and vintage than this?!

I love the ruffly curtains in the background.

My dad loved to fish and appears to have been good at it from a very young age.

I do not share his fishing talent. I'm really good at reading in the boat, though.

And he loved to water ski. He was a water ski guru. I'm pretty sure that's a thing.

I love to water ski too. Maybe I will get to do some water skiing this weekend?



I love old photos. And old photo albums. Really I love all photo albums, old or new. Vintage or yesterday. What a wonderful way to be able to remember those that you love.

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