Friday, September 2, 2011

A Post Long Overdue

You may remember that I took a trip to camp with the hubs back towards the beginning of August. 

Well. I've been MEANING to share more pictures but the weeks just keep flying by...but as it turns out September 2nd is as good a time as ever to share pictures of a trip from close to a month ago.

For the past four years my hubs has been the director of a wilderness camp up near the boundary waters called Mink Lake. It's only a few weeks long, so he takes time off from his regular job to live in the woods for awhile. I usually try and get up there for at least one week each summer. The camp is for junior high and high school aged students who come up for a week at a time, and we do things like rock climb, hike up rivers and waterfalls, canoe, high ropes, swim (well I don't swim. Don't judge. It's crazy super cold water up there yo!!), hike on the Superior hiking trail, have lot's of bonfires, and other things too. 

And the Lord always shows up in a big way. It has been so cool and rewarding to see campers who return every year grow, transform, and make life changing decisions.

And the hubs. Oh my hubs is so awesome at this job. He is an amazing leader and the Lord has gifted him with a special ability to see where the students' hearts are at and lead discussions in such a way that provides opportunities for growth and vulnerability.

Ya, I like him. A lot. 

Here are some photos from the week I was up there.

This is at the top of Carlton's Peak, where we go rock climbing.

My rugged man setting up climbs.

Double rainbow all the way!!!!!! What does it mean?!?!?!

The hubs and I on a little date in a canoe.

This is my "haven't showered in four days" hairstyle. (I'll spare you photos of myself from day 5 and 6.)

Campers trying to throw each other off of the raft on the lake. I took no part in this. (This is an ipod photo, so its not so nice of quality.)

This is the high ropes course. It's pretty sweet.

This was the hubs' last year of being the director, so I was really glad to be up there for the last week. It's definitely a bittersweet feeling - we know we are heading into a new and exciting chapter of our lives, but the thought of not having Mink every summer is a bit of a bummer. But we trust the Lord and the good hands that the program will be in next year.

Oofta. So there you have it, my trip to camp. Almost four weeks later. The kitties survived our absence thanks to a couple lovely house sitters. But they definitely held a grudge against us for being gone so long the first few days that we were back.

OH! Remember how I wanted to see a moose? Well EVERYONE saw one EXCEPT me!!!

Waaaa lamenting.

Well, I guess "everyone" is a bit of an exaggeration. It was only the hubs and a few others that saw it.

But still. That sneaky moose evaded me.

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  1. your cats kind of crack me up. and i'm not even really a cat person. they could *almost* turn me into one.