Saturday, August 6, 2011

Moose Doodle and a Vacay

(Semi) Daily Animal Doodle

I might see one of these guys this week.

Want to know why? It's because I'm going up north to camp with my hubs. We'll be up near the Boundary Waters doing some canoeing, rock climbing, waterfall hiking, high roping, and hanging out with many many high schoolers.

There will also be many many hours on a bus.

And perhaps there will be a moose.

What about our precious kitties, you may ask? I know that you are worried.

They're worried too.

Don't worry. We have a kitty sitter. But thanks for your concern.

I worked ahead on some daily animal doodles, so they will be popping up here and there throughout the week. Assuming I can get that schedule a blog post ahead of time thing to work.  

If you don't see any animal doodles this week you will know that it's because sometimes blogging is hard.

August Doodles:  Skunk, Armadillo
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