Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life Some Days


I'm still here.

And I still want to share about my recent trip, more daily animal doodles, and what I've up to during my first week of my new life (including my first ever trip to the farmer's market!)

BUT. I recently had a super hot deadline thrown at me for a project I'm doing for a client and it's kind've been taking up all of my free time.

And when I say kind've I mean VERY MUCH SO.

So that's my little update. Welp, see ya later. I hope to be back with a crabby camel doodle very soon.

To wrap this up I am including a picture of me and my bro. Because I don't think you've met him yet.

He's nice.


  1. you look so cute : ) I bet you did the hopscotch course after this picture ; ) or is that shuffleboard?

  2. Thanks! It's shuffleboard, at my grandparent's house. :)