Thursday, August 18, 2011

My front porch. I mean...I don't have one.

The theme this week for Gussy's Inspiration Workshop was The Front Porch.

Since I don't have a front porch I naturally decided to take pictures of the front of my house.

Mainly because these guys have been sprouting up.

Awesome, right? And no, I did not plant them myself. I hate gardening, remember? The wonderful woman who lived here before us planted many flowers that in fact come up each year in front of our house. In the spring there are tulips (my fave), peonies in the mid summer, and sunflowers in the late summer. And I don't have to do anything except watch them grow!

Pretty spiff. That's short for spiffy.

Now that I'm thinking about it, this post would have better fit last week, when the theme was Gardening.

It's ok. I was gone last week. Plus the sunflowers bloomed THIS week. Everything works out for a reason, you know.

Still playing catch up over here in Pointsland. More stuff coming soon though.

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  1. i don't have a front porch either, well a stoop maybe and a front lawn, so i didn't partake this week. i even had awesome inspired intentions to walk around my neighborhood to photograph everyone else's cute porches, but no. nada. nothing happened. love the sunflower though!