Thursday, August 4, 2011

A day in the life.

The hubs left for camp on Sunday, so it's not exactly a typical week around here. Just me and the kitties. And the occasional sister. But I'll let you in on the leeeetle details of my life these past couple of days.

Well, I wake up at around 7:30. There is much bemoaning and begroaning. Mornings are not my strong suit. (A couple friends gave me a birthday card last night that said, "If people were meant to pop out of bed, we'd all sleep in toasters." There's a picture of a very tired and disheveled person on the front. Oh how they know me so well.)

I try my darndest to get to work by 9am but it usually ends up being about 9:08. Ya, being late is the story of my life. Just ask my hubs. Or ask my whole family. Or my friends.

Pisica sniffing my lovely birthday flowers courtesy of Jacki and Jorgen.

I leave work around 5pm and then I go do other things. Depending on the day. Night.

Monday night I taught violin lessons.

Tuesday I went out with some lovely friends to Psycho Suzi's for my birthday.

Wednesday I went out to dinner with my brother. It had been awhile since we had caught up. Ya, he's pretty cool. Want to know something? Even though we are three years apart, our birthdays are only one day apart. August 2nd and August 3rd. I think it's awesome. And we scored free drinks. Shabam!

And tonight I teach more violin lessons.

On pretty much all nights, I hop on my computer to blog/email/format magazines/design/tweet...sometimes into the very wee early morning hours.

But since I am leaving my full time job in mid August, my guess is that the days (and nights) might start to look a little bit different! Hopefully I will be able to keep most of my computer work to the day time hours and I can save evenings for time with the hubs. He will be happy not to have to compete with the computer anymore. I will be happy to have more hubsy time.

I'll have to give you another update about my new life schedule when it happens.



Here are some pictures of my fun birthday night. A lot of the pictures turned out blurry, so I didn't have many to choose from. But we've got some good ones here. (Yes the hubs was gone for my birthday. But don't worry. We celebrated a couple weekends ago, and I had some fabulous ladies to celebrate with on Tuesday!)

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  1. 2 reasons why i'm officially jealous: you're cute as two kittens put together and you teach violin! ;)