Sunday, September 11, 2011

Camping, climbing, and all the good stuff.

The hubs and I had a nice little adventure this weekend. We did some camping (finally!!), some hiking, some rock climbing, and had some nice long chats. 

We also had a couple of laughs at the expense of some kids (they looked like kids to me? the hubs thought they were college-age) who could not get their tent set up. They pulled into their campsite around 10pm and when we went to bed around midnight they were STILL trying to get it up. I think they were missing one of their poles or something. As I was drifting off to sleep I heard one of them say, "We are DONE. Let's put our mattresses ON TOP OF the tent."

I chuckled to myself.

Not that I judge. The hubs and I have had our fair share of silly camping experiences, one being the time when I shouted out "MY BUTT HOLE IS GETTING BIGGER!" not realizing that someone was walking by our tent at that very moment. I was referring to a rip in my jeans. The hubs burrowed himself under our sleeping bags in embarrassment. 

Anyway. Here are some pictures of our fun times this weekend.

Fog in the morning

Us! At a lake!

The hubs' mad fo-to skizzles

Me being lowered down from a climb of not so mad climbing skizzles

And here is my rugged hubbsidizer.

The hubs spends quite a bit of time immersed in rock climbing activities - he works at an awesome indoor rock climbing gym in St. Paul called Vertical Endeavors, and is training to be facility manager of either the St. Paul location or a new one that they are building in Minneapolis. I realized I haven't really given an explanation of what my hubs does (besides his summer job he had working at Mink) so I thought I would fill everybody in. I mean. For those of us that don't already know.

So there's that. It's pretty cool.

All in all a splendid weekend was had by all. By the both of us. There was also some rock band, some Arrested Development, some Chipotle, and some I Am Number Four thrown in there (the last of which did NOT live up to expectations, I am sorry but not really all that surprised to say.)

I hope that your weekends were excellent as well.

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  1. i know "lol" permeates the internet, but i truly had a gut laugh out loud when i read that butthole story. oh my.