Saturday, January 18, 2014


 The hubs decided that we should recreate this picture of Paisley in her pool from the summer. I thought it was a good idea, and little girl was also on board. 

Then she wanted to swing. Next time you're out, try stuffing a toddler donning the puffiest snow gear imaginable into a swing that's straps were sized for how big she was five months ago when she was wearing a tank top and shorts and try not to get any crazy eye twitches.

See? Barely a difference between the two pics! 

Things around here have been snowy and cold and then a little warmer and then snowy and then a little colder and then a little snowier. But we press on! As we must. The roads are plowed, again, the sidewalks and driveways are shoveled, again, the snow boots are pushed onto big and little feets, again, and that pile of plowed snow at the end of the grocery store parking lot starts reaching the size of a small to medium sized building. And we dream of better times! Times when the snow begins to melt and the air smells like spring, times when the grass grows green and sun screen instead of snow gear is required for every outing, times when it's hot enough outside to not get cold in the water at the beach, times when the leaves start crunching under your feet and you fondly pull out your favorite sweater, times when you can't wait for the first freeze so that all the mosquitos and box elder bugs die, times when you wait for that first lovely snowfall, times when... wait. 

And then it's January again.

January is always inevitable. So I guess that means we should make the best of it and go sledding this weekend.

Hope you are enjoying your January, sledding or not!

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