Sunday, January 26, 2014


Well look at this! We've made it to 52 weeks and now instead of a five month old who likes to drool and sit in her bumbo seat we have a 17 month old who likes to mix tea in her plastic tea set and read books while sitting in a storage bin.

In the first of these posts I wrote down a few questions, pondering what Paisley might be like by the end of this project. And now, a year later, I can answer myself!

The cheeks! Will they stay round and plump?
Yes, in fact they might even be rounder and plumper than before, the sheer weight of them pulling her lips down into a slight pout whenever she is being serious or concentrating on something.

Or will they shrink?

When will she have teeth?
She got her first two at 8 1/2 months, and now she has ten pearly white chompers.

And when will she walk?
She was toddling around somewhat confidently on her one-year birthday!

And what will her hair look like a year from now?
Blondish, brownish, wispyish, mulletish, starting to grow into her eyes and she refuses to wear it swept aside in a beret so wondering if bangs are in her future? 

And will she still love to have her neck om nom nomed?
Yes, she does indeed still love that, thankfully. By the way, at what age does a child's neck turn from tiny, wrinkly, tender and almost completely hidden by their huge baby head into a regular, smooth, clearly visible human neck?

Maybe that's my question for this time next year. What will her neck look like?

I won't be doing a 52 week project again this year, but rest assured I will still be posting regular pics and updates of this sweetie because I probably just won't be able to help myself!

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