Monday, February 17, 2014

A recipe for an excellent Valentines Day.

If you need suggestions for having a great Valentines Day next year, you've come to the right place. I have some EXCELLENT ideas for you.

First, enjoy a leisurely morning with your youngest Valentine. This should include books, yoga, Little People, and chatting about doggies and the letter "J" while your favorite playlist plays in the background. And I don't mean your cool, current Playlist with all the latest Indy hits. Not that that one isn't great. But today calls for your soul's favorite playlist, the songs that will never leave that special place in your heart. Some examples might be your favorite Queen, some Boston, Crash Test Dummies, or track 9 off your old Linkin Park CD.

Later, the two of you should have a pleasant, quiet lunch together. Don't let the part where she dumps her yogurt everywhere spoil the mood.

During naptime, treat yourself to your favorite leisure activity. Maybe that activity would be napping, or snacking, or knitting, or surfing the interwebs while listening to your soul's favorite playlist again. In my case it was pastel work with netflix going in the background.

Make some cheesy, creamy, corn and pepper chowder for dinner with all of your Valentines. Follow this recipe. Double the bacon. Extra cheese doesn't hurt either. Then make very large, thick and chewy heart shaped Valentine chocolate chip cookies together.

Have your oldest Valentine, the special love in your life, surprise you with a hand drawn card that features your favorite movie characters. In my case we have the very endearing and romantic duo, C-3PO and R2D2.

After you put any babies you may have to bed take a grainy, low res selfie on your phone with your special someone while watching the Olympics downstairs. So that you may always remember this moment.

And eat some crunchy cheetos. That should pretty much top things off in the most perfect of ways.

You're welcome.

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