Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snow dayz

Last week we had a couple gorgeous, warm, spring-like days. And by gorgeous, warm and spring-like I mean above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So the little girl and I put on our boots and snow pants and hats and mittens and coats, and the hubs put on a baseball cap and tennis shoes, and we all headed outside to enjoy the fresh, hopeful air.

It was wonderful.

Then the next day we got like ten more inches of snow and this week we are in the midst of another polar vortex of below zero days's exciting. And by exciting I mean BLAAAAAAHHHH. The people on the radio this morning said that this is the coldest winter we've had in thirty years WHICH MEANS that this is the coldest winter of my lifetime.

That's crazy stuff, man. That's big, and I should be like WOAH, history.

But instead I'm just doing my very best to ignore that it's happening.

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