Friday, April 27, 2012

Playing some catchup. With my mouth open.

Well suddenly it seems that I have not blogged for over a week.

Not to say that it hasn't been a week worth writing about! Lots of note worthy things have happened which include the Mall of America with some awesome gal pals, the start of a very epic bathroom closet re-organization, new baseboard and door trim in our upper level (everything is finally starting to match!!!), a visit from my father-in-law, an enormous (500+ families!) baby and kid garage sale with my mom and bestie where I scored SO many good deals for the growing behbeh, and getting some more new items listed in the shop!

Ok. So OBVIOUSLY my goal needs to be to take more pictures. Because I have no evidence to support the awesome productiveness that was my week.

Pretty much the only bad part of the week is that the psychotic pregnancy hormones, or symptoms, or whatever you might call them have given me a perpetually stuffy nose, it seems. Which has caused me to have to breath mostly out of my mouth at all times which happens to NOT be my favorite type of breathing. It reminds me of being sick and causes my lips to dry out much quicker than closed mouth breathing does. Therefore I have to apply chap stick MUCH more frequently, causing me to have to buy chap stick MUCH more often.

What a waste of money open mouthed breathing is.

Well anyway. There are sure to be more posts and PICTURES this week. Because it's now my goal.

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