Saturday, April 20, 2013


This past week has been full of snow storms. Yesterday most schools were closed for a snow day, traffic has been ridiculous, and the hubs has been forced to shovel much more than the poor man ever expected. 

I've been working (somewhat?) to keep a nice enough attitude about everything but as I was trying to get my grandpa-mobile unstuck from the snow on the hilly road outside of our house on Thursday while cars lined up behind me I wondered to myself, "Am I trapped in some type of strange parallel universe? And how do I get back to the other one? The one that doesn't include stuffing my baby into a snow suit in order to go for a walk in the middle of April?"

I was very pleased when my friend Jennie suggested we go to the Como Conservatory to escape the wintry snow storm. (Because yes, I'll say it once again, snow storms in April.)

It was beautiful, warm, steamy, and aside from the boa constrictor we saw about to eat a guinea pig in a large aquarium, a very pleasant and summer-like experience. Just what my poor, shriveled, winterized and wet snow covered soul needed.

Paisley was enthralled but really just wanted to destroy the plants and got upset when I wouldn't allow her to do so, as was my motherly duty.

Well, I better go. I have to stare out the window and give April dirty looks. 

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