Friday, April 26, 2013


Swinging is turning out to be a favorite around here.

A favorite for the baby girl, because it's super fun (obviously). And also for me because it's a great solution for the burning question of "What should I do with my super crabby child?" that pops up between every lunch time and nap time. And it JUST SO happens that we live right across the street from a little park with a playground. Swinging for the win!

(Note the hill in the background - the snow is almost all gone! Just a few days ago there were kids still sledding on it. This has been THE silliest of silly springs. And when I say silly I actually mean horrible? But now that a warmer spring has finally sprung I am able to look back at these last few snow filled weeks and chuckle. But only sort of.)

I used to enjoy swinging too.

But then I was sucked in by the throes of adulthood in which swinging makes me motion sick.

Most things make me motion sick.

Sometimes, even just PUSHING someone on a swing (but not actually swinging myself) makes me motion sick!

That's sad, right?

Ya, I know it's sad.

In conclusion, Dramamine is my friend. Besties!!

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  1. OH my, I can't imagine the pushing even making you sick, so wild. But that face, that joy! I can see why you would push through it. :)