Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

And here I give you pics from our 4th of July celebrations from yesterday! Taken mostly by the hubs. Our day was filled with bike rides (with the ever accompanying burning thighs), friends, kiddie pools, delicious food, professional fireworks along with amateur ones, bonfires, and running around in the dark barefooted in the grass with sparklers, during which I succeeded in regaining some of my youth. 

Don't worry, the babes were tucked away in bed by the fireworks part of the list. But how they slept through all the celebratory explosions, I don't know.

This is Paisley and her friend Opal. Opal's mom and I have been BFF's dating back to ancient times, so naturally these two's best friendship has been pre-arranged.
And for you? How was your 4th? I hope your fires were cozy and your bug spray was strong.

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