Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Art Room - Finished!

Today! I am here to show off some pics of my art room in the basement becaaaaaauuuuuuse it is finally finished! This little room of mine has been a very long time in the works and I am absolutely thrilled that it is now functional for it's intended purposes.

Also, a post every day for three days in a row?! What am I, the Liz Points of 2011?

Showcased here is my dream desk. Huge and long and flat. Plenty of room to spread out and draw, assemble, print, create. And we made it for free! Brian's dad brought over some file cabinets and a spare piece of countertop from camp. The hubs was an absolute dear and spray painted the cabinets for me (the tall one too, everyone must match!) and threw the counter on top and voila. Free huge dream desk. 

I went a little label crazy in the closet. Which I loved doing. Who knew labels could be so fun? Everyone must have their place! P.S. Pay no attention to that brown unfinished trim, which should of course be painted white! It's one of those projects that we meant to do right away but never did. And now there's no knowing if it will ever be done!

And this side of the room is the sewing side. I expect that I will be spending less time over here, but it's nice all the same. Sigh. I DO really need to make curtains for the hubs and I's room because our blinds are hanging on by a thread (literally) and it's quite the adventure to try and open up the windows. Arrgg!! Sewing curtains. Complaining.

And of course I had to make a little space for my main girl. Right now she mostly stands at the table and bangs on it with her hands while bouncing up and down and breathing heavily through her nose (it's how she expresses her excitement.) I'm can't wait for when she gets a bit older and I can keep some paper and crayons down there for her.

Except I take that back, I can wait. I can wait! Stop with all the growing up!

Now I'm no DIY house flipping blogger or anything, but I DO want to show a couple "before" pictures. Because I'm just so proud of us.

Here we are as the hubs and his dad started putting up walls. I wish I would have gotten pictures before this - the basement was just a huge unfinished room (and that window was not always an egress!)

And here we are with drywall and non matching file cabinets and a closet.

And here we are with the finished room!

Hooray! And there was of course much rejoicing.


  1. It's beautiful! I love the wall color and spray painting the file cabinets is kind of genius. I'm going to copy your genius because I currently have an uuuuuugly file cabinet in my office.

  2. Such a great makeover. I love seeing something come from nothing. You all are awesome!

  3. It looks so great, Liz! You must be so excited to have a room of your own. I love that you made your desk out of existing stuff - so resourceful you are!