Monday, July 1, 2013

Father's Day Dress

I've been wanting to post some pictures from Father's Day, because Paisley is just so cute in her little dress and hat that she wore. Crafted by me own mum! We spent the afternoon at my grandma's house and ate good food, played shuffleboard (that is before the wind almost swept us away) chatted, played cards and other such fun stuff. Also, baby girl ate some grass.

Unfortunately the hubs had to work that afternoon and wasn't able to come with us to Grandma's. Fortunately we had a nice Father's Day morning at home though. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures of him with his little girl on Father's Day. Fortunately I hopped in some photos with her in the most fatherly way that I could, being the mother that I am.

In other news, the hubs and I have been watching far too many British films as of late and I feel like I am having the hardest of times refraining from writing my posts in British speak. Fawlty Towers (John Cleese! Shouting! Chaos!), The Wind in the Willows (an old claymation production from the 80's - found at a garage sale on DVD for a DOLLAR! incredible luck, and now I get to relive my childhood), and the BBC Pride and Prejudice (yes I DID convince the hubs to watch it, and the good news is that he liked it much better than he thought he would!)  

But now I find myself wanting to exclaim things like, "Chin up old boy!" and, "My head is very ill tonight!" and, "Oh, noble badger!"

"Badger" is one of the very best words to say in a British accent, in my most humble of opinions.

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