Saturday, October 5, 2013

38/52. Also, Dogs.

Baby girl's silly little personality is starting to show itself more and more. Like when she and her daddy sneak up behind me so they can poke me and laugh when I pretend to be surprised. And when she wears my sunglasses all over the house like a necklace. And when she spends incredible amounts of time organizing her bibs. And when she smiles shyly while giving out kisses. And when she squeals and flails her arms with delight each time that I agree to lift her onto my lap and read whatever book it is she is requesting via high pitched little grunts and squeaks and points. I'm just having so much fun with it all! I think I'm realizing that I may be a bit more of a toddler person than I am a baby person.

She also likes to blow raspberries while she swings. It's all just a big joke to her, this life we live.

There is, however, the thing about toddlers and repetition. More swinging! More books! More strawberries! More pattycake! More poking Mommy! And of course all these things are fun! But you know, repetitious. And I realize that it's all because her little brain is working hard to learn things but really, I can only read Go, Dog. Go! so many times before my eye starts to twitch.

Which, by the way, brings me to another thing. Dogs. She loves them. LOVES. She just can't get enough and so I have this growing little fear inside of me that she will be begging for a dog as soon as she is able to verbally express her dismay that many people own such marvelous creatures but we do not. Our cats will not satisfy and she will call them "old" and "boring." And that little fear grows a bit bigger because what if we give in? And actually get a dog? Which she will soon tire of and move on to wanting a hamster or something else rodent-y (I know these things because I was also once a little girl who's lovestruck eyes yearned only for those pets which I did not have) and then I will be responsible for letting it out and pooper scooping it's business and I will want to go places but won't be able to because WHO WILL WATCH THE DOG?!?



There there. I can't worry about such things now.


In the meantime we will be content with feeling ecstatic with every dog we see in the park, perk up our ears any time we hear the neighbor's German Shepherd barking, love on all of our friends' puppies, and read Go, Dog. Go! over and over until I start questioning my sanity.


  1. Love this! She's growing up so quickly and beautifully! All we can do is cherish these moments as we think..."lawd child! AGAIN?!" Mommyhood is the best!

  2. Oh my gosh, DOGS! Iz is the same. She has three of her own so we don't have to worry about the begging for one, but her entire body goes shaky and her mouth lets out the biggest shriek of excitement when she sees one out and about.

  3. Um, I will watch the dog. duh. Problem solved.