Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ren Fest

I went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival last weekend with my mom, brother, sister, and some friends. We go together every year and are always looking forward to it, this year being no different! It rained the first half of the day so things were admittedly a bit glum for a few moments...especially when the rain resistance of my jacket finally breathed it's last and I felt drops of water start streaming down my scalp, neck and back. But we carried on! Warming up with some hot mead we stuck to it, and eventually the rain stopped and it got dry enough to snap some pictures and air ourselves out.

If you are wondering if you are the type of person who might enjoy a renaissance festival, then ask yourself this list of questions:

Do you like people watching? The ren fest is some of the best kind of people watching there is.
What's more, do you like people watching especially those who have dressed up in elaborate costumes?
Or perhaps you like to dress up in elaborate costumes yourself?
Do you like giant pickles?
When someone wearing a horned helmet starts talking to you as if they are from the days of yore do you laugh and ask to take their picture instead of feel annoyed?
Do you like watching small men stand on a ladder that is balanced on a rope that is on fire? While juggling?
Do you enjoy wandering around in shops looking at pottery, art, jewelry, and interesting trinkets?
Do you like watching hilarious shows and skits?
Do you wish you were eating a turkey drumstick as large as your forearm right now?

If you answered no to most of these questions, then it's best if you don't go Minnesota Ren-Festing.

But if you answered yes then I think it's obvious what you need to do.

Huzzah! Drink Hail! Thee, thou and whilst! And all that stuff.

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