Sunday, November 9, 2014

160 kids later, and I still had like ten pieces left

A week late, yes, but I couldn't resist sharing these photos of Paisley on Halloween. She calls this her "fwa fwa fee costume." Fwa fwa fee is Paisley-talk for butterfly, and I sincerely hope that she never learns the correct way of saying that word.

Also. Speaking of toddlers. And learning...we started the dreaded potty training. I'm not going to get into any nitty gritty details here...but I will say this:

For the love of everything, please send help.

Seriously, are there people out there who potty train toddlers professionally?? As their job?!? Because I will hire them. You wouldn't even believe how fast I would hire them.

Anyways. Here's Paisley running around trick or treating with her dad, and handing out candy with her mom! We handed out that candy like a couple of bosses. Our neighbors counted the amount of trick or treaters that we got on our street and it was 160. WHOAA! I went back and forth frequently between handing out candy by the fistfulls (we don't need all this candy in our house!!) and handing out only one piece per kid (oh no I'm running out, only one piece! Only one piece for everybody!!!)

By the way I'm not serious about hiring a potty trainer, however much I would love to be serious about it. Ain't nobody got money for that.

Except maybe celebrities and presidents and royalty and the like.

Just for kicks, here's my Halloween post from last year.

And one from 2011! I guess this blog is getting a little old?

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  1. I am potty training eliana too, and all I can say is it is not happening overnight like I hoped it would! Well for my little cutie we did a sticker chart for no Uhohs, she got one for being dry before nap and one before bed and once she filled up the sticker chart (five stickers) she got a reward (fruit snacks). Ever so slowly she just stopped going in her pull-up then we took the plunge and went all undies except naps and nighttime. That went well but I had to get in the habit of putting her on the potty every two hours and at every store (she has peed in her car seat to many times to recount.) I noticed a huge leap in the process when she was physically capable of opening the bathroom door, pulling her pants up and down and sitting on the potty all by herself, that's when things took off for her. But she is two and a half now and just in the past two weeks I can say she is daytime potty trained. We tried undies for nighttime and did a few good nights/naps but then she stopped so back to pull-ups at night for us:) also now she gets a small treat if she wakes up dry from nap/night, I also have to wake her and put her one the potty one last time before I go to bed because she will hold it all night and wet through her diaper in the morning. She pretty much stays asleep while I put her on the potty, it's pretty cute. And she goes right back to sleep which surprised me, but she does and she stopped wetting through her diaper at night. (we have been working on pt since August)

    Your baby is a unique person of course but i hope you can gain some encouragement from us:) I'm sure your doing great, celebrate every little victory, they are hard earned and so precious!